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Blackjack is known as a card game, the object of which is to be dealt cards that have a higher count than those of the dealer but also should not exceed 21. Blackjack is termed as one of the most popular, fast-paced casino table games in the whole world. It is very easy and quick to learn, but any real success in blackjack requires expertise, experience, strategy and the know-how knack. Here is our guide that helps you in knowing all about blackjack and how to become an expert at playing blackjack. Get ready to learn the basic and standard blackjack rules and the strategy that one should follow in order to get the most out of this fascinating and entertaining game. Here is all you need to get started with your very first blackjack bet and make sure that you ace at it.

Basic Blackjack Rules

  • The main objective of the game is commonly understood to get a  hand as close to 21 as possible
  • In reality, it is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21
  • This is a small distinction but a significant one. This is because many-a-time the player can make a win by staying on a hand that appears lower than the ideal
  • In blackjack, face cards are a 10. Aces are deemed to be 1 or 11, whichever makes a better hand
  • Each player here starts with a minimum of two cards, one of the cards of the dealer is hidden till the very end
  • ‘Hit’ means asking for another card. ‘Stand’ means to hold out your total and end the turn
  • You bust if you go over 21 and the win goes to the dealer regardless of what’s with the dealer’s hand
  • If you are Ace and 10 from the start, that is dealt 21; you have a blackjack
  • Blackjack means that you win 1.5 times of the amount of your bet. This figure also depends on the casino
  • The dealer will continue to ‘hit’ until their cards are a total of 17 or higher
  • Doubling is also like a hit. Here, only the bet is doubled, and you get one more card
  • Split is what you can do when you have two of the same card – the pair of the cards you have is split into two halves
  • Split also leads to doubling the bet. This is because each new hand is worth the same as the original bet
  • You can go for double/split only during the first move or during the first move of the hand created by a split
  • You are not allowed to play two aces after they are split
  • You can also double on the hand that results from a split, tripling or quadrupling your bet.

How to play

  • The very first step is to decide and choose the variation of blackjack that you wish to play and find a table for the same
  • You then need to start the game by placing your desired bet or use ‘Rebet’ in order to duplicate your last played bet
  • Select the deal placed and look at the cards that are dealt to you and to the dealer
  • Use the basic strategy or basic knowledge. You can also go with your gut instincts in order to figure out your next move
  • Once you are happy with the hand you have, stand out in order to close your turn
  • Next, you have to pay keen attention to the outcome as the dealer also lays out their cards
  • Collect your winning and leave the game or repeat the process in order to play another round

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